What CRL can offer product suppliers

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We are a general product safety consultancy offering as little or as much expert input as a business needs to navigate its way through safety requirements in legislation, standards and the expectations of consumers. We do not have an off the peg procedure or formula for all products, all problems or all companies, but we do have a very broad experience of the causes of injuries involving products, interventions that reduce the risk, legal duties and consumer expectations.

We know a wide range of experts and testing services we can direct you to if you need them. We can guide staff who are new to product safety responsibilities through a familiarisation process tailored to their product sector and function within the supply chain.

More often, however, we are called on by companies that are already very knowledgeable about the safety of products they supply but who have come up against a nasty surprise or who are venturing into new fields of business. Our unique contribution is the breadth of experience we can bring to bear to resolving problems -  from across product sectors, consumer studies, UK legal cases, European standards development and academic research into hazards.

If the consumer safety issue is the subject of a prospective legal action we can direct you or your lawyers to experts who can give independent opinions on the crucial safety issues in each appropriate technical field according to the legal criteria applying to the case and in line with the rules of UK civil or criminal court.

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