What safety-critical decisions about products do you make?

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Decisions you make may affect product safety and commercial risks. Thousands of business owners, managers and employees in product supply chains have (often unwittingly) taken commercial decisions that affected the safety of a consumer product in a way that lead to an expensive  product recall, trading standards prosecution or liability claim for personal injury or property damage.  Consumer Risk Limited can help you reduce the chances of adding that experience to your record.  What safety-critical decisions about products do you make?

Technical designers and quality control personnel will have been aware of their responsibilities for controlling risks, but may not have had the depth of experience, up-to-date knowledge or necessary resources to be aware of the critical defects or potential hazards or that proved to be costly after reaching the market.

However products with safety defects also find their way onto shelves and into catalogues as the result of decisions by commercial buyers (particularly imported goods) and visual stylists of products or their packaging.

In multi-national organisations it can be unclear who has the final responsibility for deciding to release the first production batches of a new model onto a particular national market – or for ensuring that subsequent shipments continue to be ones that conform to local requirements.

Conversely, owners and managers of small businesses making or importing consumer products may know the product and financial risks all stop with them but need help to become their own an expert on consumer safety along with everything else.

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