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We offer up to date awareness built on twenty five year's experience in the consumer safety field , including research and standards work, due diligence procedures in retailing and manufacturing, and hazard assessment of a wide range of consumer products.

Familiarity with UK and European Union legislative framework, trading standards and civil service procedures, a wide range of published Standards, current standardisation issues and consumer safety issues in the media.

Backgrounds in ergonomics, operational research, engineering and materials science, with experience of market research survey design, accident data analysis and standards writing. (When a wider range of disciplines is required we  draw on a large network of UK and overseas expert contacts - in academic research and commercial organisations as well as test laboratories and independent consultants experienced in a very wide range of disciplines and products.)

Wide ranging knowledge of safety issues generally or relevant to particular products, hazards or consumers. Access to many specialised library collections containing published and unpublished material relevant to consumer safety.

Familiarity with the capabilities and limitations of the relevant injury databases, including, HASS and equivalents in the USA, Australia and EU member states). Experience of analysing Home Office Fires data and relevant elements of statistics published by RoSPA, OFT, ONS and HSE.

Ability to coordinate cross-disciplinary projects and to edit the results into a homogenous report. Experience of applying cost-benefit analysis, decision analysis and operational research approaches to accident prevention initiatives

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