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What safety-critical decisions about products do you make?

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Decisions you make may affect product safety and commercial risks. Thousands of business owners, managers and employees in product supply chains have (often unwittingly) taken commercial decisions that affected the safety of a consumer product in a way that lead to an expensive  product recall, trading standards prosecution or liability claim for personal injury or property damage.  Consumer Risk Limited can help you reduce the chances of adding that experience to your record.  What safety-critical decisions about products do you make?
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What CRL can offer product suppliers

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We are a general product safety consultancy offering as little or as much expert input as a business needs to navigate its way through safety requirements in legislation, standards and the expectations of consumers. We do not have an off the peg procedure or formula for all products, all problems or all companies, but we do have a very broad experience of the causes of injuries involving products, interventions that reduce the risk, legal duties and consumer expectations.

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Typical questions from product suppliers

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What regulations and standards apply to my products?

How much laboratory testing is necessary?   

What does “safe” mean when there is no standard? 

Are the instructions and warnings  adequate?

Is misuse foreseeable?

What precautions is it reasonable to expect consumers to take? 

What safety training is available for my product sector?

Do I need to notify Trading Standards of this defect?

Do I need to recall possibly defective products that have already been sold or just withdraw stocks from sale?

What is due diligence?

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