Public policy/enforcement bodies

Advice, investigations and research

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For public bodies from local authorities to the European Commission, Consumer Risk Limited has undertaken  work  ranging in scape from initial advice, through investigations of specific safety issues or problems, to research into major policy alterntives in respect of targetting of resources options for accident data provision and impact analysis of legislative proposals. 


Particular skills and experience include the following:

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Company expertise

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We offer up to date awareness built on twenty five year's experience in the consumer safety field , including research and standards work, due diligence procedures in retailing and manufacturing, and hazard assessment of a wide range of consumer products.

Familiarity with UK and European Union legislative framework, trading standards and civil service procedures, a wide range of published Standards, current standardisation issues and consumer safety issues in the media.

Backgrounds in ergonomics, operational research, engineering and materials science, with experience of market research survey design, accident data analysis and standards writing. (When a wider range of disciplines is required we  draw on a large network of UK and overseas expert contacts - in academic research and commercial organisations as well as test laboratories and independent consultants experienced in a very wide range of disciplines and products.)

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