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Why CRL offers value to small and medium size businesses

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Our flexible problem-solving approach is intended to fit the needs and budgets of small and medium enterprises where product safety is only one of many responsibilities of individual managers.

However, we are also been consulted by multinational consumer product suppliers who have in-house safety experts and highly developed procedures, but seek an audit or an independent evaluation of one problematic issue.

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Terms of business

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Initial business enquiries are not generally charged for, even though this often results in referring the client to other services (eg test laboratories or standards publishers).

Ad-hoc consultancy is charged at £130 per hour (to the nearest 0.1 hour) or £800 per day plus any travel or incidental expenses and VAT, unless otherwise agreed in advance. Rates are negotiable for longer involvement, short reports, etc.

For discrete projects, we can give written proposals, estimates or competitive quotations.

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