Our fields of work

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Examples of our fields of work include: DIY and vehicle maintenance equipment. Toys.  Play and educational equipment. Pushchairs, nursery and childcare products. Choking hazards. Child-resistant features. Domestic glazing, doors and other domestic construction products. Ladders and access equipment. Garden tools. Furniture. Food processors, cooking and kitchen equipment. Heating and lighting.  Electrical, gas, oil and solid fuel appliances. Barbecues. Cigarette lighters. Cycles and scooters. Clothing. Protective equipment for consumers. Stairlifts and mobility aids. Exercise and leisure equipment. Packaging. Labels, warnings and instructions. Products and fixtures in rented accommodation, hotels and holiday lettings.  Products used in schools and colleges. Hazards in public access areas.  We can offer expertise in limiting the risks posed by many types of hazard across many types of consumer products and services because of the factors in common: 

1) The legal framework of supplier duties and expectations under UK and European legislation on product liability, general product safety and – in respect of hazards in facilities open to consumers – workplace health and safety.  

2) The challenges posed to designers and manufactures by consumers (compared to employees) as a body of product users: the potential range of ages, experience, languages and physical abilities, together with the absence of any qualified supervision or training. 

3) The market structures and economics of consumer product supply, which are open to the risk of mass producing a safety defect within any mass-produced product design, then distributing the potentially hazardous products worldwide to ultimate customers most of whom cannot be identified or re-contacted by their supplier. 

4) The sources of information on potential safety protection and error reduction methods and their likely effectiveness for consumers.

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