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Counterfeit branded goods


Even major high street stores in the UK are being fooled into distributing consignments of counterfiet (and potentially dangerous) electrical appliances, believing them to have been made by companies whose respected brand names they carry.

Superdrug is recalling pink hair styling irons labelled as "ghd" which were sold to consumers in its stores between 3 August and 17 September 2008, after dsicovering that the products were fakes and  may breach the requirements of Regulations and Standards applying to these types of appliance.

Counterfiets of products bearing well-known brand names are an increasing safety concern for Trading Standards Authorities (and commercial concern for the brand owners) . However, until now they have mainly been offered to UK consumers through the grey market outlets of the internet, car boot sales, market stools and  itinerent traders.

Source: Recall notice in Daily Mirror 20/9/08



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