Go-Ped Petrol Scooters

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A Go-Ped is a scooter with a small petrol engine fitted to the rear wheel. These vehicles are sold by the manufacturer as not being suitable for use on a road, however there instances where such vehicles have been used by the rider on a road without having registered the vehicle with Driver Vehicle Licencing Agency, or having obtained the appropriate documentation or complied with Construction and Use Regulations.

A  decision in the High Court (Chief Constable of the North Yorkshire Police - v - Saddington (26.10.2000) clarified the legal position in relation to these vehicles.

The Court accepted that such a vehicle when being used on a road is a 'mechanically propelled vehicle intended or adapted for use on roads' under Section 185 RTA 1988, and is therefore a motor vehicle as defined in that section. The High Court decided, therefore, that a Go-Ped  could not be ridden on the road without a driving licence and insurance.

Enquiries with DVLA have confirmed that before a Go-Ped can be used on a road it must be registered as a Moped. The owner and driver of such vehicles must comply with all relevant Road Traffic Act and Construction and Use Regulations applicable to the use of such a motor vehicle on a road.

Go-Peds lack the things that make a real moped safe (brake lights, indicators, a horn, etc) becuase they are not designed for road use, but the top speed of 20 mph makes them a poor mixer with pedestrians. The Go-Ped's  unsuitability for traffic means that insurance companies won't cover them.



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